infinite digits

my first ep, “be”, is now available. this is the first song, called “909”. the name of album is “be”. this song is inspired from learning marimba last year, although the song is entirely 100% synthesizer. this is the only song on the ep i tried using ableton, which ended up being frustruating to me so i kept my flow inside the op-1 for the rest of the ep. all the sounds come from the op1 and the sh01a. –about the album– this album was written in lockdown, during a time when we are supposed to be prepared, be safe, be cautious, etc. i wanted to create something to remind ourselves to just “be” - hence the name of this ep. the full title, “be ep”, also cheekily describes the contents - each song is a series synthesizer beeps. this album became both introspective and upbeat - introspective because i find myself reflecting on the present and upbeat because, despite everything happening in the world, i am hopeful about the future.

full album is streaming everywhere.

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